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Claremary P. Sweeney

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Author of the South County Mystery Series.


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Claremary Sweeney is the author of the South County Mystery Series. After the launch of Last Train to Kingston, her readers asked for more of the local stories of murder and mayhem featuring Detective Kara Langley and her friends Ruth Eddleman and Sophia Carnavale. She answered with Last Rose on the Vine, set at the nearby University of Rhode Island and then gave her followers a Christmas present. Last Carol of the Season takes place in the village of Wakefield during the Annual Winter Wonderland Event. Last Sermon for a Sinner will be released in the Fall of 2019 and Sweeney is presently writing Last Castle in the Sand set along the beautiful beach coast of southern RI. She blends modern themes together with the cultural backdrop of the many historic places that abound in South Kingstown.

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Sweeney lives with her husband Charley to whom all her books are dedicated except for Carnivore Conundrum, the one especially written "For the little boy who asked me to write about bugs - and plants that eat bugs". She answered this request with a book in verse set in the carnivorous plant section of the Roger Williams Zoo Botanical Gardens. Adonis, a baby pitcher plant, awakes one morning to find a fly flailing in his digestive juices. "Oh please spare my life! I'm needed at home by my larvae and wife," the insect pleads. Adonis spits him out and declares he will no longer eat meat. His mother, along with the other plants and creatures in the garden, try to find a way to keep this baby alive as he insists on doing the right thing and declares to everyone who'll listen, "I'll follow my heart!".

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Although these books are all set in her home state of Rhode Island, Sweeney began her writing career with a series of stories about ZuZu, a little tabby born on a farm at Tanglewood who has adventures in the various historical and cultural places in the hills of Western Massachusetts. A Berkshire Tale is a compilation of ten of these charming books which will appeal to young and old alike.

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When time allows, Sweeney posts on her blog Around ZuZu's Barn.

News & Events

  • In November of 2018, the third book of my series featuring Detective Lieutenant Kara Langley was introduced at the Wakefield Book Store, one of the settings in the book. Last Carol of the Season was met with much enthusiasm by South County Mystery fans. This enthusiasm continued throughout the events of 2019.

  • Charley and I spent our Thursday evenings this summer participating in Wakefield Village Association's RiverFire on the village's Main Street. I signed copies, chatted with loyal followers, and introduced the series to new readers culminating in WVA's popular Octoberfest.

  • The fall also brought the launch of Last Sermon for a Sinner at the Peace Dale Library, a major setting in this fourth mystery book. For the first time we participated in the Pawtucket Arts Festival and followed this with other favorite artisan events, the Annual Open Studio weekend at the Mill at Shady Lea and The Field of Artisans' Whiskey Wonderland Holiday Bazaar held at Son's of Liberty Spirits in Peace Dale.

  • Other high points of the past year included The Wine & Food Sampler Benefit for Friends of the Providence Animal Shelter, and talks at Rhode Island libraries, and at local book clubs.

  • One of my favorite presentations was to the University of RI Forensic Seminar, Unearthing Secret Sins.As my readers know, I do much of my research for the mysteries at local libraries, the South County History Center, and in the state forensics' lab at URI.

  • 2020 looks to be another banner year. At the moment, I'm writing Last Sermon for a Sinner which will be scheduled to launched this fall. This is the beach book that everyone has been clamoring for, with major settings along the coastline here in South County of course.

  • Thanks to all of the people who give me valuable feedback which helps to make this series so popular.

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Please email Claremary Sweeney if you would like to invite her to your event.

  • March 8 2020: Author Book Signing / Meet & Greet / Sale with The Field of Artisans at Whalers Brewing Company - 1174 Kingstown Road, Wakefield, RI from 11:30am to 4:30pm (

  • April 18 2020: Author presentation at the American Association of University Women's Luncheon(https:// at the Atlantic Resort Newport, 240 Aquidneck Avenue, Middletown, RI 02842 from 11:30am to 2:00pm.

  • May 12 2020: Emcee for the Domestic Violence Resource Center Wicked Women Awards Ceremony at Laurel Lane Golf Club in West Kingston(

  • June 6 2020: Author Book Signing & Sale - Open Studios at the Mill at Shady Lea - 215 Shady Lea Road, North Kingstown, RI 02852(

  • June 18 - August 20 2020. Author Meet & Greet / Book Signing / Sale at Wakefield Village Association's RiverFires on Main Street - Thursdays from 5:00pm to 9:00pm(

  • August 13 2020. Author Meet & Greet / Book Signing / Sale at WVA's Endless Summer Event from 5:00pm to 11:00pm on Main Street, Wakefield(

  • September 12 2020. Author Meet & Greet / Book Signing / Sale at Pawtucket Arts Festival from 11:00am to 6:00pm in Pawtucket's Slater Memorial Park(

  • September 23 2020.Author Meet & Greet Wine & Food Sampler Benefit for Friends of the Providence Animal Shelter at the Roger Williams Park Casino. 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

  • October 3 2020. Book Sale -Wakefield Village Association’s Octoberfest on Main Street in Wakefield. 10:00am to 5:00pm.

  • December 5 & 6 2020. Author Book Signing and Christmas Sale -The Mill at Shady Lea - Open Studios from 11:00am to 5:00pm.(

  • December 12 2020. Author Book Signing and Sale with The Field of Artisans at the Whiskey Wonderland Holiday Bazaar - Sons of Liberty Spirits - 1425 Kingstown Road, South Kingstown, RI from 1:00pm to 8:00pm.

  • December 13 2020. Author Book Signing and Sale at Monsignor Clarke School's Annual Christmas Bazaar - 5074 Tower Hill Road, Wakefield, RI from 9:00am to 3:00pm.

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Please email Claremary Sweeney if you would like to invite her to your event.

Mystery Books

Last Train To Kingston

On a chill November night, Thea Lorimar arrives on the last train to the small village of Kingston, Rhode Island.

She patiently waits, unaware of her killer lurking in the darkness.

South Kingstown's Detective Lieutenant Kara Langley is charged with unraveling the clues left behind to discover what brought the victim to this picturesque New England Village. Who would have reason to murder this gentle recluse?

Langley and her team are determined to find answers and catch the person responsible for this disquieting death in a town once affectionately known as Little Rest.

Book cover: Last Train To Kingston

The South County Mystery Series: Book 1

Last Rose On The Vine

The tranquility of an early Sunday morning abruptly ends for University of Rhode Island master gardener, Miriam Carnavale, when she discovers the body of Professor Paul Waddington in the college’s rose garden.

His throat is slashed, a RI red rose boutonniere tucked into his tuxedo.

South Kingstown Detective Kara Langley soon realizes there are more than enough suspects among the disgruntled graduate students working for the Waddingtons’ program. But, investigating further, she finds the unpopular couple has left behind allegations of harrassment and embezzlement at the previous colleges where they worked. Has their past finally caught up with them in the peaceful Kingston village? Paul’s pretentious wife, Stephanie, knows more than she’s telling, leaving Kara to piece together the clues before the murderer strikes again.

Book cover: Last Rose On The Vine

The South County Mystery Series: Book 2

Last Carol Of The Season

Last Carol of the Season is filled with local settings and holiday traditions.

Detective Kara Langley and her friends are preparing for the Annual Winter Wonderland Festivities on Wakefield’s Main Street. Their Black Friday shopping spree is suddenly interrupted when Sophia discovers the body of Sherman Pruitt in the lady’s dressing room of Kenyon’s Department Store. Kara is on leave from the department and dealing with questions regarding her future, but she agrees to help Detective Carl Sullivan investigate Pruitt’s death.

Together, they find an intriguing array of suspects with the means, opportunity, and motive to kill this odious man in the third book of the South County Mystery Series.

Book cover: Last Carol Of The Season

The South County Mystery Series: Book 3

Last Sermon For A Sinner

Spring is a hopeful season in South County, Rhode Island.

It's springtime in South County, Rhode Island. The last of the snow has melted. Villagers are venturing outside after the cold winter months. Gardens are awakening. But this March, along with the feeling of rebirth, comes a sense of foreboding when Gilbert Cheevers overhears a confession one Friday night in Saint Bibiana's Church. His eavesdropping could lead to solving the mystery of young Anthony Tucker who went missing on his way home from church school six years ago. Detectives Carl Sullivan and Kara Langley are called upon to revisit the Tucker case when Father John Erlich suddenly vanishes along with the church's money. The investigation helps connect the people and their ties to both disappearances but in the process it also puts Kara in imminent danger.

Meanwhile, on the stage of the Peace Dale Library, the local thespians are rehearsing for their latest play - a murder mystery. Sophia Carnavale has enlisted the help of her family and friends to get the show produced. But a series of unfortunate events cause the cast and crew to question whether they will survive to opening night in this once peaceful little village.

Book cover: Last Sermon For A Sinner

The South County Mystery Series: Book 4

Children's books

A Berkshire Tale

Surrounded by the beauty of the changing seasons, ZuZu, a little tabby, and her best friend Nick explore the many wonders of their home in the Berkshire Hills.

From famous people and places, to playful alpacas, flying horses, industrious worms and endangered butterflies, this is their story - a magical tale of their new friendship and the adventures and experiences, ups and downs, and happy endings they share on their Tanglewood farm.

Book cover: A Berkshire Tale

The Pacas Are Coming!

ZuZu and the Crias

Up in the Berkshires, it’s been snowing forever and ZuZu hasn’t been able to go on adventures.

But suddenly there’s the promise of some excitement. The farmer is bringing new animals to the barn and ZuZu can hardly wait to make friends with these gentle creatures that hum and, according to ZuZu, "have fleas". The pacas are coming!

Book cover: The Pacas Are Coming!

Carnivore Conundrum

Adonis, a carnivorous plant, awakes one morning to find a fly trapped in his digestive juices.

The fly pleads to be set free and Adonis spits it out declaring, "I'm swearing off meat!" His mother, Dee, fearing her baby will "wither and wane”, enlists the aid of the Koi and plants in the Botanical Center to save the little pitcher plant from starvation. They all have ingenious solutions, especially Aladosha the wise, old toad.

Book cover: Carnivore Conundrum

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